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Orations (25mts)

Madras ENT Research Foundation Oration (MERF) - Madan Kapre (Treaties in the surgical managment of Trismus of OSMF)

Bengaluru ENT Trust Oration (BENT)-




Dr.N. Balakrishnan Pillai Oration



Dr MA Gopalakrishnan Oration


Dr. Saharia (Rhinoplasty)


Dr. Prepageran Narayanan  
 Redefining surgical boundaries; what would you do?


Dr. Owen Judd 
Endoscopic Ear Surgery



Dr.K.P.Raman Pillai Oration Nupur kapoor (Laryngeal framework surgeries)
Dr. P. Jayaram Acharya Oration Paul Willging (Pediatric Airway Management)

Invited Lecture Series (25 mts)

 Endoscopic surgry of intraorbital space  Prepageran Narayanan
Endoscopic Ear Surgery Owen Judd
Pediatrics snoring and sleep apnoea Kumeresh Krishnamurthy
Parotid tumours

Dr Prathemesh Pai

Congenital & Acquired Airway Disease Paul Willging
Rhinoplasty Saharia
Thyroid Tumors in Children Arun Pattatheyil
Principals in the management of OSA Srinivas Kishore

Vestibular Migraine                                               MV Francis

Instructional Courses (30 mts)

Prepageran Narayanan (Management of complication during sinus surgery)
Owen Judd (Endoscopic Myringoplasty technique - tips & pearls)
Kumeresh Krishnamurthy (coblator surgeries)
Paul Willging
Nupu Kapoor (Micro flap surgery)and Srinivas Kishore( Cobalation)

Panel Discussions - Vertigo (Moderater - Dr. Unnikrishnan Menon) (1hr)

Video presentation
Consultant  Award Papers
Prize Papers for PG Medal for Best Case Report and Case Series
Quiz ( Quiz masters-Dr. Gautam & Dr. Padmanabhan) (1 hr)


Important Dates
  • Online Registration stops on 30th September, 2015 - Rs 5500.00

    There After only Spot registration- Rs . 6500.00

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  • Instructional course will start at 8.00 am sharp on 10th and 11th oct 2015 at hall B & C Time limit for presentations will be strictly followed  Case report - 4 min, Case series- 8 min,
  • Registration fee date for Rs.5500 is extended to 30th Sept, 2015

    Spot Registration fee will be applicable from 1st Oct, 2015.
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